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  • Thunderhawk PZ8449 Package, Aluminum Finish
  • Thunderhawk PZ8449 Package, Black Powdercoat
  • PZ5749 Installed - viewed from above left rear tire
  • Voltage regulator exposed - viewed form above left rear tire
  • PZ2032 Installed - viewed from above right tire

Fuel Tank & Electrical System Protection Package - Thunderhawk PZ8499/PZ8500

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Product Description


Includes Fuel Tank Guard & Electrical System Guard
For ALL RZR"s with stock or aftermarket skid plates

  • Fuel Tank Guard features full-coverage design -
    Protects fuel tank bottom where skid plates leave the tank exposed
    Protects back- side of fuel tank from damage due to rocks thrown by rear tire
    Strong enough to take the biggest hits
  • Electrical System Guard protects the voltage regulator, fuse block and wiring harness from all angles -
    Lower section protects electrical parts from sticks & rocks on trail
    Upper, rear deflector stops water, mud & debris thrown from rear tire
    Protects wiring harness to eliminate damage from trail debris
    Eliminates voltage regulator failure from over-heating caused when mud accumulates on the regulator and
    protects regulator from water intrusion caused by direct water spray from the trail or rear tire (2014-2016 XP 1000)
  • Two kits available to fit all 2014 & newer RZR XP 1000, XP-4 1000 and XP Turbo
    • PZ8449 fits RZR's with voltage regulator under driver's seat, including:
      2014 - 2016 RZR XP 1000
      2014 - 2016 RZR XP-4 1000
    • PZ8500 fits RZR's with voltage regulator relocated to front of vehicle, including:
      2016 & newer RZR XP Turbo
      2017 & newer RZR XP 1000
      2017 & newer RZR XP-4 1000
      Any 2014 - 2016 models using an aftermarket regulator relocation kit
  • Complete bolt-on kit - both parts can be installed easily in about 45 minutes
  • Available in bare aluminum or powdercoated black
  • Fits with most aftermarket skid plates and rear trailing arm guards
  • Made in USA

Thunderhawk Performance has combined these two popular parts into one money-saving kit.

Thunderhawk Performance invented the first RZR Fuel Tank Skid Plate in 2007. In 2014 Polaris released the new RZR XP 1000 with the fuel tank exposed, just like all other RZR’s. Take a look under the passenger's seat of your XP 1000 or XP Turbo and you'll see that the rear half of the fuel tank is totally unprotected! It only takes one rock or stick to damage the fuel tank, which can leave you stranded. Plus, a new fuel tank costs almost $800 !!!

Now, look under your RZR, just below the driver's seat, and you’ll see the RZR’s main electrical system. The voltage regulator, main fuse block & vehicle wiring harness are all hanging down, exposed, under the RZR. Polaris moved the regulator to the front of the vehicle in 2016 for the XP Turbo, and in 2017 for the XP 1000 & XP-4 1000, but they have still left the fuse block and main wiring harness exposed under the machine. All of these electrical parts are exposed to the trail as well as the left rear tire which throws large amounts of water, mud and rocks directly onto these fragile electrical components. The mounting of these electrical components may have been convenient for Polaris when they built the RZR, but it is far from optimum for riding off-road where water, mud, rocks and sticks frequently bounce off the bottom of the machine.

Rather than go into complete detail on this page about each part in this package, we have included links to the full descriptions for each of these two items in the kit. Please follow these links to the individual pages on our website that describes each part in more detail.

Fuel Tank Guard


Electrical System & Voltage Regulator Guard


These two Thunderhawk parts can be installed easily in about 30 minutes. This kit is available in bare aluminum or with optional black powdercoat finish (adds $20.00). Each part is complete with all necessary hardware and illustrated instructions. Fits all 2014 & newer Polaris RZR XP 1000, XP-4 1000 and RZR XP Turbo, whether equipped with stock or most aftermarket skid plates. Made in USA.


NOTE: If you are considering one of the $100 voltage regulator relocation kits for your 2014 - 2016 RZR, remember that these aftermarket wiring kits still leave the fuse block and main wiring harness exposed under the driver's seat, and they obviously do not cover or protect the fuel tank under the passenger's seat. This Fuel Tank & Electrical System Guard package is a great value for just a few dollars more than those wiring kits, offering protection for ALL of the critical electrical system components plus the fuel tank as well.

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