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Cheap DIY Project - RZR radiator stone protection

Cheap DIY Project - RZR radiator stone protection

Jan 11, 2021

So, here's a trick to protect your RZR radiator. It only costs a few dollars and you can get everything you need at your local Walmart. When you're done, it will look like a factory installed part, not some backyard hack.

This fits 2014 & newer XP 1000 / XP Turbo and 2015 & newer RZR 900 / 1000-S.

We've shared this tip elsewhere a number of times. This isn't our idea. It was posted a few years ago by a clever member of rzrforums. I don't recall his name, or I would certainly give him credit for this great idea.

The problem you're solving here is to stop any stones, rocks or debris thrown forward by the front tires at the backside of the radiator. If you're not having a lucky day, one of these stones will get into the fan shroud and the fan blades will spin the stone around against the backside of the radiator. This will cut a large groove into the face of the radiator that will cause a huge leak, ruin your day and cost quite a bit for replacement of the radiator.

So, you need to go to Walmart and buy a small table-top reciprocating fan. I think it's a 12 inch fan, and only cost about $10 - $12. You will be using the wire clamshell cover (that keeps the kiddies fingers out of the fan). This cover measures about 13-1/2 inches across and is a perfect fit to cover the backside of the RZR cooling fan assembly. With only four zip ties, you'll have this clamshell cover mounted to your RZR’s radiator fan. As a bonus, you'll also have the other half of the clamshell to use on another RZR or to give to a buddy.

If you have a winch installed in the front frame area, you may not be able to use this trick due to limited clearance between the fan and many winches. You'll need about one inch of clearance, so check this first if you have a winch.