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New XP Turbo-S parts released!

New XP Turbo-S parts released!

Feb 18, 2019

Thunderhawk Performance has released a number of products for the 2018 and newer RZR XP Turbo-S and RZR XP-4 Turbo-S.  These parts fit both the Dynamix suspended models and the recently released Velocity Edition models. 

If you want to "Armor-Up" for the trail, Thunderhawk offers our Front Inner Fender Armor and Fuel Tank Guard.  For those who want to strengthen their RZR's frame and chassis, we offer Thunderhawk's Rear Sway Bar Mount Brace and Double-Shear Radius Rod Support.  For the guy who wants to work & play, we have Thunderhawk's exclusive Double-Shear Rear 2" Receiver Hitch which features all of the frame-strengthening designs of the Double-Shear Radius Rod Support along with the function of a 2" receiver hitch plus two additional tie-down points. Finally, for the guy who wants it all, we have a package deal including all of these items (currently priced at $40 off, plus FREE shipping). 

These parts are all listed on our website, so check them out for more details and photos.  You can find them by going to the "Polaris RZR" pull-down menu in the orange navigation bar at the top of our website, then select "XP Turbo-S", or simply use the links below to go directly to the item you want to see:

Front Inner Fender Armor Kit

Fuel Tank Guard

Sway Bar Mount Brace Kit

Double-Shear Radius Rod Support

Rear 2" Receiver Hitch

Strengthen & Armor Package