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  • PL5406
  • PL5406 - Left side, cargo bed down
  • PL5406 - Left side, cargo bed up
  • PL5406 - Vent detail, cargo bed up
  • 2010 - 2014 Cargo-Bed Heat Seal (installed) - shown with bed lowered and seal touching frame cross-tube to stop hot air (and also water splash)
  • PL5406 - Powdercoated black
  • PL5406 - Left side, cargo bed down - Powdercoated black
  • PL5406 - Left side, cargo bed up - Powdercoated black
  • PL5406 - Vent detail, cargo bed up - Powdercoated black
  • PL5413
  • PL5413 - Before and After

Mud Guard Kit, Rear - Thunderhawk PL5406/PL5407

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Product Description


Protects engine, fuel tank & battery from water & mud spray off rear tires
Makes clean-up much easier

  • Vented design reduces heat build-up under seat
  • Includes front & inner panels for complete coverage
  • Maintains airflow through engine compartment
  • Blocks mud & water from under-seat area and from between seat-back and cargo-bed
  • Reduces clean-up time
  • Protects fuel tank, battery and critical engine components
  • Strong aircraft aluminum construction won't bend or deform -
    superior to steel or breakable plastics
  • Two kits available
    • PL5406 fits:
      2011 - 2013 Mid-Size 500
      2011 - 2013 Mid-Size 500 Crew
      2013 - 2014 Mid-Size 800
    • PL5413 fits:
      2015 & newer Mid-Size 570
      2015 & newer Mid-Size 570 Crew
      2015 - 2016 Mid-Size ETX
      2017 & newer Mid-Size 500
  • Not recommended for carbureted Ranger 400 models
  • Complete kit installs easily in less than 1 hour
  • Available in bare aluminum or powdercoated black
  • Made in USA

For years, Polaris has been building the Ranger with the engine exposed to the rear tires. This allows the rear tires to throw a huge amount of water, mud, rocks and other trail debris at the gas tank, battery and many critical engine components. This isn’t the best thing for these parts, and this design also makes clean-up after a ride a HUGE pain in the rear! BUT... while simply enclosing the rear wheel openings may block the mud & water, it also creates a problem where the engine heat cannot escape and you now have the dreaded “Ranger Hot-Seat”.

The engine operates at roughly 190 degrees, but the exhaust pipe generates heat exceeding 700 degrees. Polaris has carefully designed the CVT transmission air discharge duct to blow across the exhaust pipe to create air circulation and remove engine & exhaust heat. When you simply enclose the rear wheel openings, this air-circulation is stopped and the engine compartment temperatures soar. The entrapped hot air increases the temperature of all surrounding surfaces, most notably the seat-bottom and the panel directly behind your legs.

Thunderhawk Performance has developed these vented mud-blocker kits for the Mid-Size Ranger utilizing a combination of design features so that these kits would not retain an excessive amount of engine compartment heat, and also to direct engine heat away from the occupants. First we developed a 4-piece vented mud-guard design to block the mud & water while allowing the engine heat to escape and to maintain airflow through the engine compartment. Next, we designed a cargo-bed seal kit for the 2010 - 2014 models, since these models have a large, open gap between the seat back and seat bottom cushions. This cargo-bed heat seal stops hot air (and water splash) from coming up between the dump bed and seat cushions, while retaining the normal tilt & dump function of the cargo bed. On the 2015 & newer models, Polaris has added a block-off panel in this area between the seat back and seat bottom, so the cargo bed heat seal is not included with these kits. However, these kits still feature Thunderhawk's vented mud guard design to properly manage airflow and heat.

Finally, we spent considerable time testing this kit on our Mid-Size Ranger 800 and then performed extensive heat testing (at 90+ degrees, in August) with this mud-blocker kit installed. We were satisfied with our success in reducing the heat build-up that would affect rider comfort. Our testing did show that there is a slight increase in temperatures when the Thunderhawk vented mud-guards are installed on the Mid-Size 800 (which is the worst-case scenario for engine heat). These increases were between 0 & 10 degrees in areas that would have rider contact, and between 2 & 15 degrees in areas without rider contact. These numbers are far less than the typical 30 - 50 degree increases encountered with non-vented mud-blockers. We have posted more details from Thunderhawk's temperature testing in the "Tech" section of our website - click here for details. Unfortunately, it is not possible to accomplish zero temperature increase when enclosing the engine compartment. As such, we do not recommend the installation of any rear mud guards for anyone who is unhappy with the engine heat currently produced by their Ranger. In addition, anyone with a snorkel kit should not use any mud-blockers, as their snorkel has eliminated engine compartment air circulation from the CVT discharge and any enclosure will cause significant increases in temperature.

These Thunderhawk rear mud guard kits are precision CNC manufactured in the USA from aircraft aluminum for strength and durability (these parts won't bend easily or rattle, and will not break or crack like plastic). All kits include left & right side mud guard panels (4 pcs), all necessary installation hardware and illustrated instructions. The kits for 2011 -2014 models also includes the cargo-bed heat seal kit that mounts to the front of the cargo bed. Installs easily in about 1 hour. Available in bare aluminum or with optional black powdercoat finish (adds $60.00). Made in USA.

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PL5406 / PL5413

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