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US Military orders Thunderhawk Inner Fender Guards

US Military orders Thunderhawk Inner Fender Guards

Mar 12, 2020

True Military-Grade Parts - No B.S.

The US Marines use a version of the Polaris RZR, the MRZR ultra-light tactical vehicle. The MRZR is based on the Polaris RZR XP 1000, and uses the same frame, plastic floor pan & firewall as the RZR 900, RZR 1000-S, RZR XP 1000 & RZR XP Turbo. When the US Military began planning an upgrade program for the Polaris MRZR, they searched for the best products available. But, that was just the first step. Before purchasing and installing any parts on the fleet of MRZR vehicles, these parts were tested. With multiple parts being upgraded as part of the MRZR upgrade program, a test procedure was developed for each part. Some parts were simply tested for ease of installation & fitment, others also had miles put on them to assess durability. The most rigorous testing performed by the US Military was for inner fender guards, which had to meet the basic criteria for installation & fitment and also were subjected to destructive testing to assess their strength, durability & effectiveness when the RZR floor / firewall actually experiences an impact with a stick while being driven. Yep, a guy on YouTube whacking an RZR inner fender with a hammer or baseball bat doesn’t really apply to real-world conditions, and the US Military knew it. The US Military devised a test where an MRZR traveled along railroad tracks (at up to 35 MPH) directly into sharpened hardwood dowels (up to 2” diameter), which were secured to the railroad ties to duplicate a stick encountered in real-world trail conditions.

The results - Thunderhawk Performance was the ONLY inner fender guard to pass this test. Thunderhawk Performance RZR Inner Fender Guards are now being installed on hundreds of MRZR vehicles by the US Military.

So, when Thunderhawk Performance advertises military-grade protection, this is an absolutely accurate and true statement, not just advertising hype. And when you order Inner Fender Guards from Thunderhawk Performance, you are getting parts identical to those that we supply to the US Military. You are also getting the same level of protection, with the only inner fender guards proven the best through rigorous US Military testing.

You can read more details about the US Military testing and about Thunderhawk’s RZR Inner Fender Guard Kits here and also see larger pictures of the MRZR during testing along with detailed photos of the Thunderhawk Inner Fender Guards on civilian RZR’s.

To learn a little bit more about the MRZR and the MRZR upgrade project, check out the article at