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  • PQ9214 Skid-Max Crossmember & Engine-Guard Skid Plate Package
  • Motor Mount Riser
  • Engine-Guard Panel (skid plate removed for photo)
  • Before and After, Engine-Guard Panel (skid plate removed for photo)
  • Before and After, Skid-Max Crossmember (skid plate removed for photo)
  • RZR Package Deal

Skid-Max Engine-Guard Skid Plate & Crossmember Package - Thunderhawk PQ9214

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Product Description


Eliminate bent frame crossmembers and
broken or cracked engines & gear-cases
that can occur due to flex in UHMW skid plates

  • Includes Skid-Max crossmember reinforcement kit and Engine-Guard skid plate kit with motor mount risers
  • Strengthens frame & frame crossmembers
  • Reduces bending crossmembers
  • Protects front driveshaft
  • Reduces UHMW flex under engine, preventing damage
  • Stops hard impacts on engine & gear-case
  • Increases clearance between engine and skid plate
  • Now you can attack the trails without cringing every time you bottom-out
  • Complete kit installs easily in about 60 minutes
  • Fits 2008-2014 Polaris RZR 800 and RZR-S 800
  • Does NOT fit RZR-4
  • Patent-pending design
  • Made in USA

This Thunderhawk PQ9214 Skid-Max package includes our Engine-Guard reinforced aluminum skid plate, a pair of motor mount risers and our Skid-Max crossmember reinforcement kit. UHMW skid plates are very flexible, which has caused many bent RZR frame crossmembers and even some cracked engine cases, which are not cheap or easy to repair. Stock, the engine and gear-case of the RZR and RZR-S are only 1/8" above the bottom of the frame. If your RZR gets high-centered or encounters a large rock, log or other trail obstacle, your UHMW skid plate will flex, allowing the skid plate to hit the engine and gear-case and also causing the frame crossmembers to bend. This Thunderhawk Performance package includes everything you need to upgrade your RZR or RZR-S, eliminating UHMW skid plate flex and providing the strength and durability that you expect and deserve.

The Thunderhawk Engine-Guard skid plate is a reinforced, formed aluminum skid plate section that is installed between the frame and your UHMW plastic skid plate to reinforce the No.2 frame crossmember and span the open frame area directly below the engine and gear-case. The formed section at the leading edge of the Engine-Guard skid plate adds significant strength and stiffness to the No.2 crossmember. This added strength helps reduce bending of this crossmember, which in extreme circumstances can contact the front driveshaft causing drive-line damage. The Engine-Guard skid plate also spans the main frame rails on the left and right, as well as the main frame rail at the rear, providing full support for your UHMW skid plate. This added support resists UHMW flexing under load so that the engine and gear-case will not be damaged from the hard impacts that could previously have occurred with an unsupported UHMW skid plate.

The motor mount riser kit includes a pair of aluminum spacer blocks which are installed between the frame and the two front motor mounts to elevate the engine and gear-case. This is an important step, since the stock RZR and RZR-S engine and gear-case are only 1/8" above the bottom of the frame, leaving them exposed to damage. These motor mount risers more than double the clearance between the engine and the skid plate, providing increased protection as well as a little peace-of-mind.

The Skid-Max crossmember reinforcement kit is installed between the No.1 frame crossmember and your UHMW plastic skid plate. This crossmember reinforcement kit more than doubles the strength of the No.1 crossmember, practically eliminating the chances that the crossmember will bend and damage the front driveshaft as commonly occurs when using an unsupported UHMW plastic skid plate. This crossmember reinforcement features a durable black powdercoat finish.

All parts in this package are installed above your UHMW skid plate, so there is nothing to hang-down or drag when you are sliding over trail obstacles. Your UHMW skid plates will still give you the smooth, "slippery" bottom surface for which they are known. With this Thunderhawk Skid-Max package, you'll now have the strength and peace-of-mind knowing that your UHMW skid plate will not flex causing expensive engine or drive-line damage or possibly leaving you stranded. The parts in this package install easily in about 60 minutes using common tools. Proudly designed and manufactured in USA.

Please note: The photos showing the Skid-Max crossmember and the Engine-Guard panel installed on the frame were taken to illustrate to mounting location on the vehicle with the skid plate removed. These parts are not visible when the skid plate is installed.

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