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  • Hitch (Red) installed with Polaris rear bumper
  • Comparison - Hitch installed vs removed for service
  • PZ2822/23, Black
  • PZ2822/23, Orange
  • PZ2829/30/34/35, Black
  • PZ2829/30/34/35, Orange
  • PZ2829/30/34/35, White

Receiver Hitch, Rear (fits with Polaris rear bumper) - Thunderhawk PZ2822/PZ2829

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Product Description

Fits RZR XP 1000 & XP Turbo with Polaris rear bumpers

Strong design
Hitch removes easily for transmission & differential fluid service
Double-shear mounting plate strengthens frame and suspension

  • Multi-piece hitch design allows for trans/differential fluid service (patent-pending)
  • Strongest design available - based on Thunderhawk double-shear mounting plate system
  • Hitch is attached directly to the frame, not just the four radius rod bolts
  • Stops frame damage caused by aftermarket radius rods that use bushings
  • Reinforced 2" receiver tube and gussets eliminate flex and bending of hitch
  • Upgrades frame to true double-shear radius rod mounting, increasing strength by 100%
  • Eliminates "egging-out" of radius rod mounting holes in the RZR XP frame
  • Removable hitch for transmission & differential fluid service
  • Fits with stock, and most aftermarket radius rods
  • Durable black powdercoat finish
  • Optional colors available
  • Complete kit installs easily in about 60-90 minutes
  • 125 lb tongue weight rating
  • Fits Polaris RZR XP 1000, XP-4 1000 & XP Turbo
  • Special installation kit available to fit Desert Edition, High-Lifter, Gold Matte LE (Rock Crawler) or Trails & Rocks model RZR's
  • Made in USA

The Polaris rear bumpers are a popular option on the RZR XP1000 and XP Turbo. Many are sold in "bundles" and are dealer installed. The Polaris rear bumper is built with a cross brace between the lower bumper tubes that covers the rear radius rod mounting area. This bumper design creates a situation where a rear receiver hitch tube must be mounted lower to clear the bumper, but then access for the transmission & rear differential fluid fill/level plug is blocked by the receiver hitch tube. Any hitch with a lowered receiver tube must be removed to check and fill the transmission & rear differential, which means dis-assembling the rear suspension radius rods (which is not easy or fun).

Thunderhawk Performance has designed this patent-pending rear receiver hitch system to get around this problem. We've updated our double-shear radius rod support plate to function as a receiver hitch mount that can remain installed on the RZR's frame. We then built a separate receiver hitch plate that can be removed from the double-shear mounting plate on the frame for routine maintenance to gain access to the transmission & rear differential fluid fill/level plug. Just remove a few bolts and the receiver hitch comes off, leaving the double-shear mounting plate in- place and the rear suspension radius rods remain installed so the RZR can be moved or driven with the hitch removed.

Thunderhawk's double-shear radius rod support plate design is the key to this hitch system. The Thunderhawk double-shear plate replaces the original radius rod stiffener plate and features additional frame mounting points (at both the top and bottom) to securely mount the plate directly to the frame without relying only on the four radius rod bolts for mounting. This design strengthens the radius rods and frame by creating a second frame mount for the rear of the radius rods so they are now supported on both the front (through the stock frame) and the rear (through the Thunderhawk double-shear plate), doubling the strength of the radius rod mounting bolts. This eliminates damaging frame flex and stops the occurence of deforming, elongating (egging-out) and cracking around the radius rod mounting holes in the RZR XP 1000 / XP Turbo frame. Using this Thunderhawk system, towing loads are transferred from the receiver hitch plate, through the double-shear mounting plate directly to the frame to provide superior strength and eliminate damage to the radius rod bolts. Thunderhawk's double-shear mounting design provides a major benefit by increasing frame and suspension strength even when you unhook the trailer and hit the trails.

These Thunderhawk rear receiver hitches are constructed using an automotive-grade, reinforced receiver tubes for strength, durability and proper fitment with your towing accessories. We've also added double gussets to eliminate deflection of the receiver tube when towing, and the factory tow point is also accessible too. The tongue weight rating for this hitch is 125 lbs. The Thunderhawk rear hitch installs in about 60-90 minutes. Made in USA.

Durable black powdercoat finish is standard, with optional powdercoat colors available to match Polaris' suspension colors (add $10.00 for optional colors). Optional powdercoat colors are special-run colors that Thunderhawk Performance produces and inventories based on demand. If a color choice is listed but cannot be added to the cart to purchase, then that color is not available and we recommend black to match the RZR's frame. A special installation kit is available (adds $5.00) to fit this hitch on the High-Lifter Edition, Desert Edition or Gold Matte LE (Rock Crawler) Edition models, or for any RZR equipped with the Polaris #2879523 high-clearance radius rod kit. Made in USA.

Thunderhawk Performance receiver hitches accept standard 2" automotive receiver hitch components. 2" receiver hitches are commonly used on most pick-up trucks. Many people already own these hitch bars and components, but these parts are also readily available at any large discount store or auto parts chain.

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